WOMWorld/Nokia Unboxing Challenge

First of all, I would like to thank WOMWorld/Nokia team for giving me the opportunity to join in with the unboxing experience – Thank you so much guys πŸ™‚

Now let me give a short intro on what this is all about. It’s a challenge, and as such I’ll have the help of three other fellow team members to solve a cryptic clue to get into the box. After that there will be a few collaborative tasks and challenges, which I don’t know what exactly that we have to do. So keep a check on this site for more updates on that as an when I receive it.

My fellow team members are:
Abraham Olandres is from Philippines, and he blogs at www.yugatech.com/blog/
Daniel Tsou is the editor-in-chief of www.Tech65.org and he’s from Singapore.
Adrian Cheng, he comes from Perth, Australia. He run the website www.mye63.blogspot.com

Each one of us has a part of the clue. When pieced together will provide us with the a code to open our boxes. Wish us good luck πŸ˜‰

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  1. Two of our colleagues, that's Adrian Cheng and Daniel Tsou have got their boxes and their clues are – “I weighed in at 210gm” and “I’ve got brains and brawn” respectively.

    My guess is all these clues are referring to a phone model and that's Nokia E72. So what can the 4-digit number be? I think it's 2009, since it is the year this model was released.

  2. Me too have a doubt on the weight, coz E72 weigh 128g according to the spec. N900 is only 181g. But according to ma friend Abe Olandres, E90 weighs 210g and that's correct. It's release date is in 2007 πŸ™‚