WoMLanka Reader Survey Results

I’ve been working out how we can best use your responses to help shape WoM Lanka in the future. I’ll share most of the results with you, as I think research like this is simply fascinating, and I’m sure that some of you are nerds like me, as well.

We ended up garnering 47 responses to the survey. Honestly, I was hoping for more responses than that, considering our daily traffic, but it’s OK. From those responses, here are some of the response statistics:

As you can see, it looks like we’re doing well, though we have some areas to work on, such as the Phone and Application reviews. While I was generally pleased to see our overall rating.

We also were interested to hear back on the types of articles that you, the reader, would like to see more and less of, and noticed that you would like to see an increase in phone and application reviews, and less editorials and news. We’ve taken this to task, and hunting for a person, who will be doing alot of application reviews – both freeware and commercial applications. So if you are interested drop me a email to mack005[at]womlanka.com

A few fun stats, now, about you, the WoM Lanka reader (or rather, those of you who responded to the survey):

  • The Nokia N95 (all variants) only edged the N82 out by a few, indicating that the N82 is nearly as popular as the N95.
  • We had a hand full of Sony Ericsson users among us and a couples of Nokia Eseries users, namely one E51 and four E71 users.
  • 35% of WoMLanka readers own 2 devices, while an additional 17% own 3 devices.
  • Over 96% of you only purchase 2 devices or less per year
  • 53% of you discovered WoM Lanka on account of an internet search, showing that we have great Search Engine Optimization. And rest of you mostly came to the site through either a recommendation or from a forum, which tells me we’re doing a good job of contributing to the S60 community in various ways.

If you left your email address on the survey, we’ve chosen a winner to receive the S60 2-in-1 Mobile Screen Cleaner plus a jotting pad. The winner have been contacted. The winner was Shihab Dean, from Nawam Mawatha, Colombo 2.

Thanks again to all who participated, and to everyone for your continued readership. I am working really hard behind the scenes to bring several new things to WoMLanka that I think are extremely exciting. We’ll be rolling these out soon, so check back often!