What’s Holding You From Buying An iPhone?

Would you believe me if I said iPhone is sold in Saudi Arabia un-locked. Yes it is! Khaled at SaudiMac have tested his brand new Mobily iPhone 3G with an STC (Saudi Telecomunication Company) SIM card and it had worked perfectly and in the UAE Shufflegazine also reports that the Etisalat iPhone 3G is unlocked as well.

What a suprise! or maybe not. Everybody knows that Apple’s iPhone was a BIG flop in India. One of the reason I see is that asian consumers do not wants locked phones, because we are not used to contracts. We don’t want to be married to a single carrier. We need the freedom to change our network provider as and when we want. Ofcourse if the service provider does a good job in keeping the customers happy, we would definitly stick with one for life. And the midle east market also has this same frame of mind. Maybe Steve realised this fact and decided to unlock the iPhones 🙂