Track a Heart – Win a Nokia N79 Active

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Since Valentine’s Day is all about hearts we’ll invite you to take part on this heart shaped competition. To win a Nokia N79 Active with heart rate monitoring capabilities, get creative with your workout route and trace a heart shape on the Earth.

What to do:

  1. Use the Nokia Sports Tracker application on your phone to track yourself working out on a heart shaped route. If you are not familiar with Sports Tracker go to:, create an account, download the free application and off you go.
  2. Upload the workout to the Nokia Sports Tracker web service from your device. (You’ll need an account – accounts are completely free and easy to create.)
  3. Join the Location Artists group when you are logged in to the Sports Tracker web service.
  4. Share your route with the Location Artists group by clicking the “Share to” button when you view your route. (You’ll need to join the Location Artists group first.)

The best route will be chosen by the Nokia jury (including the SportsTracker team) and the winner will receive a Nokia N79 Active. Noteworthy runner ups will receive Polar for Nokia heart rate belts that can be used with wide range of Nokia devices. Dead-line is Saturday 14th of March.

Extracted from InnovationNewsdesk