Tools to Test the Speed of Your Internet Connection

Do you own a cable or satellite broadband internet connection? And not getting the bandwidth you are paying for? You can check your Internet connection speed for free, using an online Internet speed testing tool. Here is a list of some effective tools that help you know the actual speed of your internet connection.

1. is the best online speed testing tool available. It’s a free tool featuring a flashy interface. All you need to do is choose a server and click the “start button” in the test tool window to begin the check. It will quickly download and upload files and then display more accurate results for download and upload connection speeds. Now you can switch over to another server and repeat the speed test. creates an attractive graph of all the speed checks you perform. You can also copy the results and share it with your friends on internet using the given image links.

2. Bandwidth Place Speed Test

Bandwidth is the simplest of all internet speed test tools. It uses HTML5 technology to deliver accurate broadband results. Here, you need not bother about choosing the servers. It offers very easy-to-follow visual interface. Bandwidth can be widely used across a number of platforms which include desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices. After completing the check, the results are displayed in kbps. You can also find out the result and time of the last test performed.

3. Numion

Numion is yet another internet speed testing tool that is very easy to use and requires no installation. It has an inbuilt stopwatch that keeps track of the time taken to download any page on the internet thus saving your effort of hunting for a stopwatch. Numion also incudes a glossary of technical terms related to speed and throughput. Overall this free tool offers you some useful and interesting statistics.

4. is a perfect tool for those looking for a fast internet speed check. It quickly checks the internet speed of the server that is close to you. It makes use of 3 different servers to download the files and brings you the results after combining all of the individual results. It lets you know the download speed, stability and response time of the broadband connection.

5. Down Tester

If you are looking for a finer degree of control over the internet speed checks you perform, Down Tester is an ideal tool. This utility works with almost all versions of Windows. The tool doesn’t automatically download files from servers across different locations but needs you to choose them. You only need to specify the list of URLs that need to be checked, Down Tester checks the download speed of them, one after another. You can also specify the number of seconds for the tool after which it moves to check the next URL. Once you are done with the download test, you can either save the result into a text or HTML file or you can copy it into other applications.

If you find that the results got by speed checking tools are not the ones promised by your ISP, you need to contact their technical support department for further assistance.

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