The Truth About the Killer Phone Numbers

I’m sure you would have received the following text message (SMS), or your loved ones would have called you to warn, not to answer calls dispplayed in red.

Don’t attend any calls from 7888308001, 9316048121, 9876266211, 9888854137, 9876715587 these numbers come in red colors. U may get brain hamrage due to high frequency. 27 persons died just recieving the call. Watch dd news to confirm. Please inform all your friends and relatives soon – its urgent.

Similar stories have been in circulation since April 2007. According to engineers, cell phones are incapable of emitting sound frequencies that can cause immediate physical injury or death.

In this regard Mr. Anusha Pelpita, Director General of the Telecom Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRC) has said that the authenticity of the SMS has been discussed with mobile operators and it has been found that the message is false.