The Samsung Galaxy SIII Review

Thanks to Etisalat Sri Lanka, I was able to get ma hands on the Samy’s latest flagship phone, the GalaxyS3. And here it is!

You may already know that the S3 comes with a Quad-core 1.4GHz processor coupled with Mali-400MP graphics processing unit and 1GB of RAM, which I believe is partly responsible for the best browsing experience that you can get on a smartphone. Browsing is so smooth and fast, and if you are a Chrome user on your desktop, you can easily sync your bookmarks, saved passwords etc between the devices.

Talking about the display, it has a superb 4.8 inch Super HD AMOLED screen. In my opinion, I feel screen size should not get bigger than this on a smartphone, since I felt a bit uncomfortable reaching to the top of the screen with my thumb, while holding the phone with my other fingers. This time Samsung has opted for the PenTile display layout vs the RBG which they used in their Galaxy S2. It has both pluses and minus, but I never saw a visible difference. However I feel this is a good move by the Samsung, as the PenTile displaya are known to last longer than the RGB displays, and the battery consumption is also less, if um not mistaken.

Over the HD AMOLED display you get the Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2, which is lighter, thinner, brighter and greater in touch sensitivity compared to the old. No wonder I feel a huge improvement in responsiveness of the touchscreen compared to the GalaxyS and the S2 or any other touchscreen phones which I have used. I feel it’s on par with the iPhone too for smooth lag free navigation.

Though the SGS3 sports the same old 8MP camera what we see on the S2. The picture quality has improved with better contrast and colour balance. That is because there has been an optimization of the image processing software on the S3.

Coming to the performance of the battery, I did not have much time to do a real battery test, since I had a very short trial period. However, I feel you can get around 10 to 14 hours of juice to run your device as an average user. On the first day of my use, I got 7 hours of juice from the 2100 mAh battery. Mind you, I was using the phone virtually without giving a break, navigating the menu system searching for new features etc, back and forth. Shooting pictures, browsing and tweeting, playing music and videos and so on.

While on the hunt, these are the features which I find note worthy:

Smart Call: Where you don’t have to press the dial button, it will automatically dial the contact which is on the screen, as you lift the handset to your ears. It only saves you one less action, still it looks cool.

Smart Alert: Do you check for miss calls or message when you pick it up from the place you left? No right! Actually you don’t have to with the Galaxy S3, it will give you a vibrating nudge, if you got a message or miss calls as you pick up the handset.

Pop-up Play:  Now you can watch a movie while you tweet 🙂 This feature will allow you to play a movie on a small pop up window which is movable around the screen while staying on top of the main screen. Cool isn’t it? You can check out this feature on the YouTube review which is at It’s About Gadgets.

Smart Stay: This feature will keep the back light of the screen on as long as you keep your eyes on the screen. Which is very useful for while you read your emails or an eBook. However, it did not work for me most of the times.

S-Voice: This is a iPhone’s Siri style feature, which I think is cool and useful while you are driving, and want to send a short message to your wife: “I will be late for dinner” Check out the demo which I did. This is the only feature I believe iPhone excels in. When you ask the S-Voice: “What is the best phone” the S3 bluntly says “Galaxy S3 is the best”. Where as the iPhone says: “Lumia 900” with a sense of humor.

Considering the innovative features of the Samsung Galaxy SIII, I really feel, it is a phone ‘designed for humans’ 😉 In my opinion I see Samsung Galaxy S3 as the best smartphone you can buy in the market today, considering it’s features.



  1. Great review! Samsung is one of the best when it comes to making good
    looking and is fast. Too bad the delivery service isn’t! I ordered a Galaxy
    SIII a few days ago, and now I’m just waiting for it to arrive. Many of my Dish
    co-workers have LTE on their phones, and I’m looking forward to streaming live
    TV and movies on my new phone using the network. I use the Dish Remote Access
    app to stream things from my Sling Adapter-connected receiver to my phone all
    the time. Last week I used my phone to watch the UEFA games while waiting for
    my flight at the airport, so it’ll be great to try it on the GSIII!

  2. Didnt you check out the phone to make calls? Coz i came across two people who said calling from the phone can  be messy as the person on the other end cannot hear clearly, and the caller themselves have to strain to hear the voice. Does this hold true if you did try taking calls?

    1. Couldn’t check that out for may reasons. I had the phone with me for a very short period, with data only MICRO SIM. Anyways, will let you know, as soon as I get ma hands on a S3, that’s the first thing um gonna check 😉