The Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover

This is the official Samsung Galaxy S3 flip cover specifically made for the S3, which gives it a perfect fit without adding any bulkiness to your phone. I of course felt this is a perfect choice for someone who wants a slim stylish cover for their handset, just like the cases for Galaxy Note 10.1.

The case clips neatly onto the back of your Samsung Galaxy S3 and the front cover flips round to protect your S3 screen. Yes, you will be removing the original back cover and replacing with this. Which means your original battery cover will look as brand new. And no more worries about scratching the screen, when you mistakenly put the S3 in to the same pocket where your car key are. Though your S3 has a scratch proof Gorilla glass, you still don’t feel like placing the S3, screen down on a hard surface, do you? Now you can, coz you got protection 😉

The back cover look good as the original, or I would say better. The reason is, as you can see from the above image, the case provides a small lip projection slightly higher than the camera lens cover, unlike the original cover which is flat, leveling with your S3’s camera lens and the flasher. I presume you know what um trying to suggest 🙂 Exactly, there is less chance of your rear camera lens cover getting scratched with the Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover.

Overall, the Official Samsung Galaxy S3 flipcover gives a fairly a decent protection against daily wear and tear. And I actually liked it fliping it open, have to admit it was a bit hassle until I got used to one handed flipping.

The only disadvantage I see is that you need do flippit to have a glance at your screen, however I did not feel so, because um used to this Smart Alert – where your Galaxy S3 give you a vibrating nudge, if you got a message or miss calls as you pick up the handset.