The Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 Case

This is the geniuine Galaxy S4 flip cover which Samsung introduced along with the announcement of its best selling smartphone, the Galaxy S4, of which the sales has toped 10 million in less than a month after its global release on April 27th, 2013.

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I received this exactly a month ago, sadly could not get hold of a S4 handset to test the cover on it. However, the built quality is as same as the predecessor, which I reviewed sometime back. So I am not going to repeat again, you can have a look at that review here!

As I have mentioned in my S3 review, this case is designed to protect the SGS4 without adding bulk. So, take your life companion anywhere, and this genuine flip cover will protect it, as it is constructed to withstand even the most active lifestyle while allowing you to display your sense of fashion. With the new flip cover for your Galaxy S4 you get a combination of fashion, privacy and protection!

More shots of the Official Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover can be found on this Pinterest Board.