Sri Lanka Twitter Survey – Partial Results

I am conducting a Twitter survey, started last night, that’s  July 19 and planning to run until July 25, 2011. The survey was promoted primarily through three of my Twitter accounts – @mack005 @womlanka and @criativMINDS and also with 45 RT’s (Retweets) from fellow tweeps (Thank you guys) A total of 76 have responded to the survey at the end of day one. Among the respondents, 77% were males while 20% were females and remaining 3% were institutions. 87% of them tweets everyday while the remaining 13% tweets few times a week.

Highlights of our Twitter user survey:

77% are in their 20’s, 16% are Teens, 7% in their 30’s
77% males, 20% females & 3% institutions

If you have not taken the survey yet, CLICK HERE… we will take only two minutes of your time 🙂