Sony Ericsson promises no more software / hardware glitches in future handsets

Obviously not proud of the software and hardware issues that plagued some of its recent phones (C905, Satio, Aino), Sony Ericsson said that these type of problems are a thing of the past and its upcoming phones “will restore retailer and consumer confidence.”

The company says that the lunch of the W995 Walkman slider “was a step in the right direction”, and so was the software update made available for the Satio (pictured below).

Nathan Vautier, managing director at Sony Ericsson UK and Ireland, told Mobile News that “there is now a massive focus on quality throughout the company” – which makes me wonder: why wasn’t there a massive focus on quality before SE’s faulty handsets reached consumers?

Interesting quote from a mobile phone dealer:

“There is little Sony Ericsson can do to convince me it’s back on track. I’ve got to the point where I’m putting people off its phones because I can never trust that they’ll be reliable. I’m concentrating on selling iPhones and BlackBerrys because they’re trusted and reliable. Sony Ericsson has slipped well down the pecking order.”

We should hope that Sony Ericsson’s new phones – like the Xperia X10, X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro or the Vivaz Pro – will be bug-free. Otherwise, we’ll likely see more quotes like the one above.