S60 Ambassador Program Is Ending

Sad news for all S60 Ambassodors 🙁

There was an Email from Mike and Raj from the S60 Team saying that the S60 Ambassador program is closing by the end of June 2009. For more details click here!

The reason for closure is since the Symbian OS and S60 software assets have become a unified platform under the banner of the Symbian Foundation, according to Saara Bergström

And the following is the extract from the email I received:

In case you haven’t noticed yet, we’ve announced yesterday on our blog
that the S60 Ambassador program is closing. More details here:

Since you are a participant in one of the campaigns currently ongoing, we
thought we ought to personally inform you that you have only until May 10
to submit all your 鮮-Gage: Level 2′ reports, and until May 20 to send in
all those 羨lways S60′ reports.

We will continue to be available during May, should you need to reach us.
If you have any outstanding issues that need our attention, please do send
them in before May 15.

The S60 Living blog will continue to be our main avenue for announcements.
And we’ll be doing posts until May 30. So we encourage you to keep an eye
on it: http://blogs.s60.com/s60-living

We’d personally like to thank you for all the enthusiasm, energy and
passion you have brought to the program. We’re not staying goodbye yet –
at least not until we see who’s topped the campaigns!

Mike & Raj