Reserve Your Airtel Number Today!

You can reserve your Airtel number at any of the designated Airtel agent near your place. I reserved mine at a place in Wellawatte. They charged me Rs.10.00 for a photo copied reservation form, on which you have to give details like your name, address, if it is a pre-paid or post paid you want, preference of communication (Sinhala/Tamil/English) and of course your prefered Airtel number, you have to list five preferences so that  they will send you what ever is available.

I am thinking what will they do if all the prefered numbers are not available?

I over herd a person saying the SIM is free, so to confirm I asked the salesperson how much the SIM will cost, he said: “maybe Rs.50.00 or something in that range“. He was not quite sure of price.

There is still no hint of tariff rates, but keep an eye on this blog, as soon as I get hold, I will post it. Remember number reservation in open until January 9th. So hurry up!