Post Your Audio Files To Facebook & Twitter On The Go from Your S60 Handset

If your Nokia handset is compatible with Share Online, you are lucky 🙂

Next you need to have a Pixelpipe and a Audioboo accounts, if not create them.

To get started ensure your Share Online is 3.0 or later, if not you  can updated it here, then open your Nokia phone’s browser and type in the following address:, which will automatically configure pixelpipe on Share Online.

Then from your PC login to your Pixelpipe account and Add A Pipe for Audioboo.

Scr000107 - Share on Ovi

Open Share Online on your phone and select Pixelpipe, press Option > Update Service.

Ok, now you are all set to upload audio file to Audioboo from your mobile phone.

audioboo - Share on Ovi

Next step you login to your Audioboo account and click on the link Settings and then Posting To Other Sites. You will find Facebook and Twitter along with few other services to which you can post your Audioboo files automatically. Link your Facebook and Twitter accounts accordingly, and you are done.

Scr000108 - Share on Ovi Scr000109 - Share on Ovi

Open Share Online > Open Pixelpipe > Select Audioboo

Then Select Insert > Audio and select an approporiate file to upload.

I tested uploading a small file created using the phones Voice Recorder. and also uploaded an 5mb .mp3 file without a prob. Check this out…

fb - Share on Ovi

Scr000114 - Share on Ovi Scr000115 - Share on Ovi

If you are using Gravity as your Twitter client, you can play audioboo files from Gravity itself.

It’s working perfectly for me, how about you guys?

Thinking of getting a phone with the s60 operating system? You should’nt! Instead try something different like the samasung OS, mobie phones similar to the samsung tocco lite have the most upto date version.