OtterBox for Peace of Mind.

First of all, I would like to thank Shehan (Loops Solutions, the Social Media company) who got me this Commuter Series casing for the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 from Quincy, the official agent for Otterbox here in Sri Lanka for a review.


Let’s start off with, checking what the Commuter Series pack includes, that protects your valuable device.

  1. A Self-adhesive Screen Protector – I think it is not necessary for a phone with a scratch resistance surface. So um not going to use it. What is your opinion on that, do you still use screen protectors?
  2. Impact Absorbing Silicone – that slips over the back of the phone and around the bezel, and provides a small lip projection slightly higher than the screen.
  3. Hi-impact Polycarbonate Cover – A plastic cover that snap into place onto the silicon. So basically, any impacts on the polycarbonate cover is distributed across a wide area and the silicone inner layer absorbs and cushions the force.

Here you go, the GalaxyS wrapped in an OtterBox 🙂


As you can see from the above pictures, it is a top notch casing, designed perfectly to snugly fit the phone. They say a pictures worth a thousand words, I’ve got 55,000 words worth of pictures over here 😉 snapped from every angle possible, to give you an idea how good it will look on your smartphone. I am truely impressed with it’s built quality.

Yes, it is a BIT bulky but worth the compromise, since you get:

  1. Protection to your device against scratches from daily use
  2. And for that peace of mind, knowing that the device is safe from short drops and falls. I remember how vulnerable I felt when my kids take the phone on to their hands, but not anymore with an OtterBox protection.


I’ve been using this OtterBox protection casing for almost two weeks now. And I feel that I should have wrapped my expensive smartphone with an OtterBox, soon as I bought it. Had I used an OtterBox casing, surely, I could have avoided those scratches on the back camera lens, which you can see from the above picture. Don’t you think  I could have fetch a higher re-selling value if not for the scratches?