Off Peak Broadband Package Evaluation

Three of the local telecommunication service providers – Mobitel, Hutch and Dialog is offering off-peak broadband data packages called Late Night Internet, Midnight Pack, Nighttime Package respectively. Wonder what the other two carriers will name their offpeak packages, in case they decide to follow the rest… any suggestions?

As the package names implies, they are all for late night internet surfing or rather downloading,  starting from midnight to six in the morning.

I believe Mobitel and Dialog made a strategical move by targeting their postpaid customers to stay away from network overload issues. Where as Hutch offering theirs to all prepaid customers. When comparing all three off peak night time plans, I feel Hutch is offering the best package. When you compare Hutch with Mobitel,  e.g. by activate 2 Midnight Packs, you get 8GB for two hundred and eighty rupees, where as Mobitel’s 8gig pack will cost you Rs.350. On the other hand Hutch beats Dialog on the validity period of the packages, since Dialog is only offering one-night stands 😉 But the question is… Is Midnight Packs really worth the money? Let’s do some speed test see if they really deliver what you and me expect, the download SPEED!

Name Packages Validity
1GB 2GB 3GB 4GB 8GB 15GB Unlimited
 Mobitel  Late Night Internet Rs.50 Rs.140 Rs.350 Rs.600 1-month
 Hutch  Midnight Pack Rs.75 Rs.140 7-days/15-days
 Dialog  Nighttime Package Rs.20 Rs.50 Rs.100 1-day

Here is the speedtest results:


As you can see the results, Dialog’s Nighttime Package download speed was good. I was able to download a 146MB zip file in less then 20 minutes. But have to mention that on my first attempt, the download stopped at 27.1MB. I had no problem in surfing the net and watching Youtube using the Nighttime Package. On the other hand the Midnight Pack, browsing the net was somewhat manageable, however downloading the same 146MB zip file was never accomplished, and watching a clip on Youtube was a pain.

Unfortunately I did not have a Mobitel postpaid SIM to run a test. Anyone of you using Mobitel Late Night Internet Add-on Plan? Please do tell us your experience with all three off-peak data plans.