Nokia X10 with Qwerty Rumour

Short rant about Nokia’s (non) appearance at MWC. And, btw, Nokia X10 gets leaked

Nokia’s (non) appearance at Mobile World Congress was one of my bigger disappointments at the event.

Yes, they rented their own exhibition space, and they have announced MeeGo, which might be a rather bigger deal, then some new handset announcement.

But not a single new device?! At the biggest mobile industry event of the year? C’mon dudes. It just seems so arrogant and wrong.

And what about Symbian?

The guys (at foundation and Nokia), went out of their way opensourcing everything, getting the first major foundation release out the door for MWC. And then they get relegated to a 10 square meter booth, in the back corner of the Hall 1? Without a single device to show-off and a 5 min video to play? What kind of message does that send about the “biggest smartphone OS in the world”?

Especially compared to the presence your main competitors – Google, Microsoft and Samsung had. And attention they generated? Is there a subconscious deathwish for Symbian in play, or something? You said yourself that there are several Symbian^3 handsets coming by summer. Is there any better and bigger event to show them off, then MWC, that I’m not aware of?

Well, anyway, with that out of my system, let’s turn back to those Symbian handsets. We’ve already heard about Nokia N87 or N8. Today video of the release docs for Nokia X10 Symbian^3 handset turned up on YouTube, and it looks quite good:

As are the specs of the device:

* Slider with QWERTY keyboard
* Multiple homescreens with auto rotation
* 600 MHz ARM Cortex A8 CPU
* 3.2” AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
* 32/16GB internal storage
* 256 MB of RAM
* 5 mpx camera with LED flash

In case the video is removed from YouTube, here are some pics from it: