Nokia E75 Full Review: The Latest Full QWERTY Eseries Business Phone

I’ve been toying with my trial E75 for more than a week now. And I have discovered a few new things which is not there in my N82, or for that matter, I sometimes wonder if these are been introduced for the first time by Nokia. Let me come back to those features later. First, lets talk about the form factor, which I really like, beginning to have faith on sliders. Actually I went for N82 over N95 8GB, thinking that slide form factor isn’t solid enough. But from the moment I took the E75 to my hand, I feel its very sturdy and heavy duty.

The only complaint I have is that you feel a creek, when you touch the bottom part of the phone and light seeping through the edge. Which are minor issues. Other than that there’s nothing i can find to complain on the built quality of the handset.

It has an alpha-numeric key pad and when you slide out from the side, a full keyboard (QWERTY) to type all your emails and stuff. When you close the slider, the key pad gets locked automatically, which is a bit annoying for me, you have the option to disable the keyguard activation under ‘Slide handling’ menu.

The E75 is very sleek, the thickness of the phone is only 14.4mm, which in my opinion is a tremendous achievement. A first timer will hardly believe it’s a slider. The built quality of the handset is in very high standard, of course what else do you expect from a high end business class phone. It comes with a stainless steel back cover with Nokia Eseries engraved on it, just like the predecessor, E71. The silver rim, which i think is of high quality plastic, but which always make me think its metal. Still um in doubt.

The overall size of the handset is very compact, just to give you an idea of the actual size of the phone, i will keep it on a ten rupee note and snap it.

The handset can also be charged using the micro USB port, which is a welcome change. And the E75 comes with a 4GB microSD card. Some readers are bit hesitant about it having less RAM than the E71.

Like on a personal computer, where you can have several user accounts, the E75 has a  ‘Mode Switch’ option, which allows you to set up the phone for both business and personal use. Whilst using the phone for business you can have your business email to appear on the home screen plus your office applications and so on. By switching to personal mode the phone offers a totally new homescreen, with different wallpaper, you can setup your personal email to appear on the homescreen and music player and so on… Who needs to be reminded about work when it’s time to play?

And the E75 is geared up for gaming, with N-Gage application pre-installed. The E75 is the first Eseries handset to include the N-Gage platform.

Generally business phones sport a ‘Point and Shoot’ 1.3 or 2.0 megapixel camera. But on the E75, Nokia have included a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, LED flash and VGA resolution video recording, and a 3.5 mm Nokia AV connector.

Nokia has bundled a software suite similar to that of the E71, including all the usual business office tools. It includes Quickoffice, from which you can create as well as view Microsoft Office documents (WORD), spreadsheets (EXCEL) and PowerPoint presentations.

Access to all the recognised corporate and personal email systems is no sweat. There’s a new email interface seen in this model, with a simple three-step setup process which I tried and found very easy to use, including setting up Hotmail accounts.

The new things which I was telling you about are these…

  1. Message Reader: This is a text-to-speech app which can read your SMS and Emails. (pressing the answer key for few seconds will activate the Msg. Reader and it will read-out the new messages.
  2. Power Saving Mode: You can activate this manually by pressing the power button once and browsing the list where you will find “Activate power saving’ or it will automatically goes into power saving mode when the battery level indicator goes to one bar.
  3. Remote Phone Locking: You can activate and set a remote locking message. Then by typing that message and sending it from another phone will lock your handset.
  4. Turn/Tap To Silence Calls/Alarms: You can set the device to silence incoming calls or snooze alarms, either by tapping the device twice or turning the device face down.

Things I consider bugs in the phone are…

  1. When I activated tap-to-silence on the handset, the incoming calls are silenced even before I tap. The turn-to-silnece is working.
  2. When I activate the msg. reader by pressing the answer key, it read out all the new text messages, but not the emails.
  3. When there is only a single email notification on the homescreen and you click that, it takes you directly to the complete email, then there is no way to go back to inbox, instead it takes you back to the home screen.

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  1. grr.. very nice unit though. huh? LOL
    but i regretted i bought my unit now N95, why? because its complicated, i mean im having the hard time to use it. LOL i dont even use the stylus. hahahahaa

  2. I have been playing with E75 for one week now, and I have discovered several bugs. One really annoying is something which should be very simple, deleting created mailbox. Sometimes it shows the option delete mailbox and sometimes not until you first open the mailbox, go back again and try again. I mean via new message, options, e-mail,options and choose the right mail box and then options, which are showing whatever phone decides to show…Then, camera starts very slowly. MfE is disaster. Regognizes only certain domains. Phone also freezes frequently. New firmware needed urgently.

  3. ehy guys does any one knows why when i turn the tapping silent sensor in the E75 for silnce the recieved the phone call it rings for a spit and then automatically mute without me doing anything ,,please support me with an answer