N96 Software Updated to v12.043

There is a new firmware update, v12.043, for your N96 via OTA or through NSU. People who have already updated their N96 says there is a improvement in WLAN connectivity and have fixed the annoying BUG which prevent you from changing the access point associated with email transport. Also…

  • Switch 4.0 – improved switch application to transfer user data from/to other devices
  • Still image quality is improved, with fixes for color haziness and motion blur that appeared under certain conditions
  • Many fixes for conditions that can lead to application crashes or instabilities
  • Improved overall Bluetooth interoperability Improved overall Bluetooth interoperability
  • Now compatible with Nokia Email service (application available as separate download)
  • If user sets brightness to maximum value the display backlight now does turn back on after screensaver mode
  • The device autolock no longer locks the device while viewing or recording videos
  • SMS no longer gets auto-converted to an MMS message if there are more then 20 recipients
  • Music Player “Refresh Library” no longer hangs if General
  • Settings Date separator is set to “:”
  • Now only one message alert tone is played per synchronization with Mail for Exchange, instead of one per message
  • Fix for issue with alarm snoozing when alarm was set and device was powered off
  • Theme no longer jumps back to default theme after using USB mass storage mode
  • CSHelp texts are now updated to resolves several identified issues
  • During boot, we recommend to wait for battery bar to show up prior to using media keys to ensure they are responsive
  • Ngage pre-selects wrong access point in certain operator networks, in these instances user needs to reconfigure Ngage access points manually from within Ngage settings menu