My First Impression On The Dell Latitude 10

Couple of weeks back I had the opportunity to trial the Dell Latitude 10, the Windows 8 Tablet sporting an Intel Atom Dual Core processor with 2GB DDR2 RAM and 64GB of Solid State Storage a.k.a Solid State Drive. A Big thank you goes out to Shehan (Loops Solutions, the Social Media company) for getting me this trial unit from Dell Sri Lanka.

After using it for sometimes, I felt that this is a perfect device for anyone who thinks their work is not just limited to their work desk. Reason being, the Latitude 10 fully supports x86-based applications, which mean you can install and run practically any application that you use at your workplace, I mean on your PC 🙂 For testing purpose I ran FoxPro for Windows, a very old application which I used back then as a payroll accountant. The application worked smoothly, just like in the good old days, and I felt nostalgic while typing on the command window 😉

From a business’ point of view, purchasing the Dell Latitude 10 over an iPad or Android Tablet for employees use is much cost effective in the long run. Why? Because porting your existing business system to new platform will cost you money and time. It’s not just a one-time cost, is it? Plus it will be hassle free for the IT staff to incorporate to the existing infrastructure of the company and manage.

In terms of connectivity the Dell Latitude 10 comes with a SD Card slot, miniHDMI port, standard 3.5mm stereo headphone/microphone combo jack and a full-size USB port, to which you can plug-in a mouse, keyboard, printer, broadband dongle, you name it…

Interestingly, the Latitude 10 has two charging ports side by side, a micro-USB charging port and a proprietary 40-pin charging port which is also used as the docking connector. I was wondering why Dell shipped the Latitude10 with such a bulky charger. Problem sorted, use a micro-USB charger when you are on the move 😉

I was highly impressed by it’s battery life. I did not do any standard battery tests, however I’m sure there will be enough and more juice to survive a whole work day.

The slates reinforced magnesium alloy frame, the rubberised edges, and knowing that the 10.1-inch IPS LCD display is protected by a scratch proof Corning Gorilla Glass, gives you the confidence to toss it on the ground and stand on it.

And my overall impression on the Latitude 10 is that it will be a good work place companion but not on personal level.

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