Mobile broadband to drive Dialog’s growth

Sri Lankan mobile market leader Dialog Mobile on Thursday signaled that its mobile broadband products would be the company’s key driver for the next few years, especially considering that revenues from its ‘voice’ category continued to dry up over the last two years.

Making this observation was Dialog Mobile Chief Executive, Supun Dep Weerasinghe, who was speaking at the Sri Lanka Telecom Summit, where he further elaborated that this move was due to the sparse 5% penetration achieved to date in the mobile broadband segment, a situation similar to that of ‘voice’ category when Dialog first entered into the Sri Lankan market.

Other areas of interest for the company, according to Mr. Weerasinghe, were mobile Internet and mobile banking. Mobile Internet because 90% of Dialog’s users fell into the prepaid category and, for them, this was a product that they may actually need while, at the same time, providing a stepping stone for the company to eventually sign users to mobile broadband.