Mobile AT Tester Reviewd!

As you all know, yesterday the beta version of the Mobile AT-Tester was launched at Renuka City Hotel in Kollupitiya. If you missed that post you can read it here.

Following is the link to the mobile friendly webpage where you can download this application. Which is presently hosted in Zamsana server, and will be gradually moved to LIRNEasia server, probably after the app graduate from it’s beta status 🙂

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Installation is pretty straight forward, I mean a typical symbian installations process, therefore I beleive I don’t have to explain it, do I? 🙂

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Once the app is installed you can browse your ‘Applications’ folder, and you’ll find the un-customised icon of the app sitting at the bottom of your screen. I would like to see a very eye catching with smooth edged icon when it is release to the mass.

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Once you open the app, you will be taken to the screen where you will have to set your location, on this beta version only Anuradhapura, Colombo and Polonnaruwa are listed. Wonder why the rest of the cities were not included?

What is meant by LOCAL is testing the quality of your broadband connection within your service providers network. NATIONAL is testing the quality between the local service providers, e.g: among Dialog, Mobitel and Airtel etc. And the next is INTERNATIONAL is testing the quality of your connection outside Sri Lanka. I believe this test will be more important, since most of the sites we visit our hosted outside Sri Lanka.

Once you select your choices, press ‘Options’ and select ‘Register’ then it will prompt you to select your preferred access point to connect to the internet and synchronize with the data server. Once that is done, you will be taken to the following screen, where you will have to select your mobile operator and the package you are using.

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I didn’t find Airtel in the mobile operator selection menu, which should have been included in the first phase itself. Hutch and Tigo is not a major issue since they are not prominent players in the broadband field. Once you are done with selecting your package type, press ‘Options’ and select ‘Register’

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Once the registration process is completed, you will be taken to the start screen, where you will see your location and the test type. I noticed that every time the Mobile AT-Test is closed and open the values are set to default, which I consider as a bug. Instead it should be the values which the user selected the last time he used.Therefore make sure the everything is correct and then press ‘Select’ and the ‘Go To Test’ and select ‘On’ for ‘download’, ‘Upload’ and ‘RTT’. Press ‘Select’ and ‘Start Test’.

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The test will take few minute, depending on your connection speed. And give you the results and ask if you want to save the data, say “yes” to complete the test. The the application will ask if you want to upload the data to the LIRNEasia server. Press ‘Yes’ and it will take you to a screen where you will have to press ‘Options’ and select ‘Send All’. You are done!

I believe Zamsana can cut down on the upload process where the user have to press ‘Options’ and select ‘Send All’. Also it’s was a bit nuisance to see the ‘Access Point Selection’ dialog box poping up every time it tries to connect to the internet. Another thing I like to point out is, for example on the start menu, when the user selects his LOCATION and scroll down to test type LOCAL and turn it on and then when you comeback to the menu, the user should be able to scroll down from point he left to the next option – e.g from LOCAL to NATIONAL – where as here, the user has to scroll down from the top, which is a bit annoying.