KEYnetik Hi-N-Bye

KEYnetik’s Hi-N-Bye application uses the accelerometer capabilities of S60 3rd Edition devices such as the Nokia N95 and Nokia N82 multimedia devices to introduce a gesture-sensitive interface to many everyday phone functions. It means that, rather than relying on pushing keys to implement functions, you can simply move the phone itself in a familiar manner to implement the commands.

With Hi-N-Bye, you can use gestures to accept an incoming call, end a current conversation, send the incoming call to voice mail, enable or disable the loudspeaker on the phone, put an active call on hold, or implement second-call options.

One example of how this application changes the processes is in answering the phone. With Hi-N-Bye on, when the phone rings, you just raise the phone up as if to look at who is calling, and then move the phone directly to your ear without pressing any buttons. Hi-N-Bye detects the movement and answers the call. Similarly, if you see who it is and flip the phone over, Hi-N-Bye sends the caller into voice mail. Activating the loudspeaker can be a matter of simply shaking the phone from side to side or back and forth. KEYnetik has done extensive research with its algorithms to weed out false interpretations of gestures, so the resulting application is quite accurate in matching your gestures to your intended actions.

KEYnetik, Inc. is a privately held startup based in Fairfax, Virginia. The company specializes in motion input technologies and has a large library of motion-enabled solutions and applications.