Jezzball Now on Symbian

Tamoggemon is proud to announce that it will be among the first vendors to finish development of an application using Qt for Symbian, and that will be Jezzball.

What’s Jezzball?

Jezzball is the popular old Microsoft Entertainment Pack game, which is a simple yet engaging fast-paced game of skill and strategy. This game will indeed make you crazy. It’s very quick to pick up, but as you begin to improve, subtle strategies emerge. Then it gets harder and harder to stop, and that’s when the madness begins. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Here are some screen shots of the BallZ, Tamoggemon version of the JezzBall:

P2200711 - Share on Ovi P2200710 - Share on Ovi P2200706 - Share on Ovi P2200701 - Share on Ovi P2200700 - Share on Ovi

Tamoggemon have ported their Palm OS game to Symbian OS in record time using Qt and expecting to deliver BallZ for Symbian by March 2010.