Islamic Organizer from ASGATech

I came across this very useful Islamic Organizer to help you manage your prayer schedule in an interactive way, whatever cultural variations between Muslims across the world.

This app has an friendly and comfortable user interface with a touch of Islamic look and feel and the S60 edition supports 5 user interface (UI) languages, which mean, depending on the mobile devices currently selected language. Namely it supports English, Arabic, French, Farsi, and Urdu. Only English and Arabic UI for S40 devices users.

Prayer times for any location all over the world. It has a database with more than 200 countries and 1000 cities with the ability to add, remove and edit any location. Luckyly Sri Lanka is included with 5 cities – Colombo; Galle; Jaffna; Kandy and Moratuwa. All known prayer calculation methods are included as well, that is Um Ul-Qura, Muslim World League, Karachian University, North American Association and Egyptian Survey. You can also advance the prayer alert time by 1-30 minutes.This means that you can set the exact Adhan time of your local mosque.

You can select different Azan voice from Makka, Medina, Egypt or you can have one from phone gallery.

One of the best features I like in this app is the ability to automatically switch the mobile profile to silent mode during the prayers. Its easy, just set a time at which it will go in to silent mode and the duration, after which it will go back to your default profile. You can set this profile change to all five prayers seperatly.

This app comes with an advanced method for Qibla directions using GPS. So if your phone is equiped with GPS, you can make use of this. Useful if you are n an un-known teritory.

Full Hijri and Gregorian calendars with the ability to switch between them. All important Islamic events are already fed into the Islamic Organiser’s calendar, and all the events on your device’s calendar is automatically synchronised to the organiser’s calendar.

This app is available for both Nokia S60 and S40 Platform (OS)

Compatible phones are Nokia S60 (3rd Edition): N85, N79, N78, N96, N82, N95-3 NAM, N81, N81 8GB, N95 8GB, N77, N93i, N76, N75, N91 8GB, N95, N93, N73, N73 Music Edition, N73 Special Edition, N80, N71, N92, N91, 6210 Navigator,E63, E71, E66, E51, E61i, E65, E90 Communicator, E62, E50, E70, E60, E61, 6124 Classic, 6650, 6220 Classic, 6121 Classic, 6120 Classic, 6110 Navigator, 6290, 5320 Xpress Music, 5700 Xpress Music, 5500, 3250.

Nokia S40: 7610 Supermova, 7310 Supermova, 7210 Supermova, 7510 Supermova, 6600 Fold, 6600 Slide, 3600 Slide, 5220 Xpress Music, 6212 Classic, 6300i, 3120 Classic, 6263, 8800 Arte, 6301, 6131 NFC, 6300, 6133, 5300, 7373, 5610 Xpress Music, 5310 Xpress Music, 6555, 7900 Prism, 7500 Prism, 6267, 6500 Classic, 6500 Slide, 8600 Luna, 6126, 6131, 6233, 6234.

I tried it on my Nokia N82, its working perfecty well. Check out the demo…

ASGATech is a member of Teqneyat group, established in 2003 as a medium sized organization working in developing Mobility Solutions. Now a pioneer company in MEA region, specialized in delivering Offshore, Mobility solutions and Mobile application. Since 2004, ASGATech was chosen by Nokia to bundle Islamic organizer with all Nokia phones in MEA region. In the years 2005, 2006, and 2007 ASGATech was chosen by Nokia to design and develop Ramadan applications (a group of application produced specially for Ramadan period by Nokia). These applications are MEA region oriented, and work on Nokia smart phones. ASGATech holds many mutual projects with Mobile Manufactures like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc… in MEA region, and most of Nokia pre-installed applications are developed by ASGATech. ASGATech is the only Nokia Certified Training Center (NCTC) teaching Symbian and J2me courses in MEA region

Nokia mobile phones have fallen behind in recent years, to htc phones like the htc desire which run the google operating system Android.


    1. Did you download the correct version? You should download the Nokia S60 (3rd Edition). Pls. give me full details of your problem, I will try to help you.

  1. I apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you. Islamic Organizer application is compatible to your mobile phone device N96. You can download a free trial version for 10 days for Islamic Organizer application, after this period you should buy it.

    Kindly find the link to download the application:

    ASGATech Support Team

  2. Dear All,
    I have downloaded the application from their webside but need an activation code for it, or if you can tell me where to download it craked. thanks

  3. Hi… I had this on my N82…. but now I need it for N97.. from where can I download it? any idea? 🙂

  4. Actually, it was built-in in my N82… I did try some version (not sure which one), but that didn't work..
    Where can I find 3rd Edition? same site?

    Thank you dude! 🙂

  5. Hi, i am looking for islamic organizer for nokia n79. where can i download it from. please help me. shukran

  6. Dear friend.
    I have a nokia 5800 and have downloded islamic organiser. But is only the trial. Is their any way you could get me activation code?

  7. Hi I need activation code for Islamic Organiser or any one can provide me Keygen?
    Serial Number: 585536051652207

  8. HELLO Ihave nokia E71 resently I installed islamic organiser may I kindly ask for activation code to keep the pro. working .please help.

  9. non of the links are woring to download it from, can u put a new link i have a N96 and i cant find any other softwear that N96 supports

  10. i installed it on my n82 but it is asking for activation code .can i have the activation code
    adel m.

  11. i am using a nokia E52. i downloaded islamic organiser v3.0 and installed in the device. i need the activation code for the serial no 35378 50484 18346