Is privacy mode is really secure in Android Phone

Privacy mode is also known as private mode. This refers to the private features that are available in mobile browsers of android phones. All the web browsers store all the browsing images, history, videos, cache and texts. In privacy mode, all this information is not stored by the browser. This is not the default mode. If you want to do private browsing, you must switch on the privacy mode for the session. This mode allows the user to browse without storing the local data in the computer, so the history and other information are untraceable. You must keep in mind that no other privacy is offered other than the local one. Privacy mode will also not save any details in forms of cookie either.


The first ever browser to have included a private mode was the Safari browser, way back in the year 2005. Since then this feature has been used and adopted by many other browsers. The concept was instantly popular and followed many updates and improvements. Privacy mode only does not store the data and information for a every session.

How to do it

Switching to private mode is very easy. Many popular browsers like Firefox, chrome, opera and others have option for private browsing. The private mode opens a new window, especially for private browsing. As soon as you close the window, your single session of private browsing is deactivated. If you want to browse again, you have to switch on the private mode again. Any user using the computer will not be able to trace your histories or data.

For a cell phone, there are several applications available on the internet for private browsing. The web browsers compatible with androids also have private mode inbuilt in them. You can activate the private mode and do your browsing. If you want more of a permanent application, you can go for the android apps that are specifically made for browsing online privately.

Private mode in android phone

The latest operating system for mobile phones is android. Android has many versions, the latest being the Jelly Bean. There are several browsers which are compatible with this new operating system. These operating system supports private mode for browsing even for cell phones. For Google chrome you need to start the incognito mode. This enables private browsing.

Is it safe?

This depends sole on the user’s perspective. If you want to do shopping or do not want your browsing history to be traceable, you can opt for this mode. It’s completely safe for browsing the internet.

You must keep in mind that it does not remove all forms of history. If you download a file in a private mode, it will be saved on the machine. If you want to hide that file, you will have to download completely different software for that. Private mode also only hides all the local data only. Your IP address cannot be hidden. It is also the best way to use when using your bank account details.

So if you are just looking for browsing, the private modes in the android browsers it’s quite safe and easy.

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