How Will A Flagship Nokia Device Look In 10-Years Time? #FutureNokia

In ten years time flagship Nokia devices will be slim as a credit card with 3D Touchscreen LCD’s to display 3D images which can be viewed without the need to wear special glasses.


And also all #FutureNokia devices will be equipped with a sensor capable of detecting deadly chemicals.

How would this wizardry work? Just as antivirus software bides its time in the background and springs to life when it spies suspicious activity, this would regularly sniffs the surrounding air for certain volatile chemical compounds.

When a threat is sensed, an alert ensues in one of two ways. For personal safety issues such as a chlorine gas leak, a warning is sounded.

And all the Eseries smartphones will have 3D projectors as a standard feature.

Wondering what um saying?

Actually this is my entry for WOM World/Nokia’s ‘The Friday fun giveaway‘ where they are giving away some lovely Nokia T-Shirts, Ovi stuff, including bags, pens and notebooks.

You too can take part, to win, all you have to do is be creative.

WOM World wants to know what you think a flagship Nokia device will look like in ten years time. You can present your entries in any form you like. For more details head onto WOMWORLD/NOKIA.

But remember all entries should reach them by Monday midday (UK time).