How to Turn Your MediaPad into a Phone

Do you want to enable dialing and text messaging on your Huawei MediaPAD? No sweat! just follow the instructions. And in no time you will be making phone call on your Honeycomb table 😉

  1. Download the HuaweiMediaPadPhone.apk file to your MediaPAD
  2. Once you install the downloaded file you will find the ‘Phone’ and ‘Messaging’ apps in your devices ‘Apps’ drawyer.


P.S.: You might have to upgrade your devices firmware version. If you have any issues, just post it on the comment section below, and I will be happy to help you out 🙂


    1. Congratz! Good choice 🙂 To use Skype on your MediaPad, you only have to install Skype from the PLAY Store, and you are ready to go.

      Yes, you need to install the PhoneDialer if you want to make normal calls from your SIM. First just try downloading and installing the app. It might work with your current firmware version.

    2. Hey guys,
      I have successfully installed thr firmware and the application and tried using the messaging but i cannot make calls. Can you
      help me on this? Thanks in advance.

  1. Hi Mack,

    Thanks for your reply.Say If I have instated the dialer and I only can make calls in 3G area or under any normal GSM frequency? What are the disadvantages of this

  2. I have a Huawei mediapad V 3.2 I have installed huaweimediapad dialer as per above instructions. I found it in the apps but not in running apps. I can’t see it on the desktop. Pls help,



  3. Hi. I recently bought MediaPad S7-312U from AT&T. I installed this dialer but there’s no icons! “About” said: Android 3.2 BaseBand Version 313206. Kernel Version Build Number S7-312uV100R001C223B021. How I can use Dialer? Thanks!