GSM Biggies Like Airtel Face Charges For Hampering Competition

In India, GSM Biggies like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea have been accused of adopting tactics to stop the entry of new operators and hoard spectrum beyond their contractual obligations. According to the Senior Advocate, Vikas Singh appearing for DoT, said, “Since the beginning, the government was aware of the tendency of these three big operators to prevent others from entering into the field.”

At the time of allotting GSM spectrum to RCom, COAI’s allegation was rejected and spectrum was provided illegally. According to DoT, the GSM operators were just trying to delay the allotment and rather they should look into their own case of hoarding extra spectrum.

“The spectrum which has been given to them (existing GSM players like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea) is beyond the terms of the agreement. They want to take more by depriving the new players like RCom and Tatas,” he said.

The govt. has been facing allegations of allotting spectrum to GSM operators in excess of the contracted 6.2 MHz and that too free of cost, and has asked DoT to work out a one-time payment for the extra radio frequency held by them.

Singh added that it was not the first time these operators were doing it.

“In the case of Wireless in Local Loop (WLL) also, they did the same and delayed the whole issue by way of litigations and court proceedings,” Singh further said.

Courtesy WirelessFederation