Google Search for S60 Phones

I came across this cool app for my Nokia N82. It’s Google search. Runs on any s60 (series 60) phones. The application is available via the Google mobile site. Here’s a brief run-down on that:

From your Nokia s60 native browser, goto

And then click on the ‘search’ Google product link and then continue with the usual mobile application installationn procedure where you have to press OK couple of times 🙂

I placed a shortcut on the ‘Active Standby Apps’ as you can see it from the screen shots. Since it is a native series 60 application, its very fast in loading the app. It just took me a blink of an eye to open the app! its sooo fast. Mind you Nokia N82 is the fastest s60 phone I have ever used, its got a 128 MB SDRAM Memory, Dual ARM 11 332 MHz CPU.

On activating a search, the Google Search client launches the phones native web browser and loads the result page for your query (‘Womlanka’ in the example above).

Try it out on your phone and comebck and let us know what you think of this Google app.


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