Facebook on Airtel

1.What is Facebook on mobile?

Facebook on mobile allows users to update their FB profile via SMS.

2.How do I register?

Type FB and send to 32665. Then user will receive a reply message with a URL. Click on the URL (Via GPRS) & activate the secret code which is provided in the SMS. Once the registration is successful subscriber will be notified via SMS.

3.Do I get charge for the registration?

Yes, Rs 1 + Tax (Only the SMS fee)

4.The following features can be updated via SMS.

Update Status

Add friends


Wall Post


5.What are the SMS formats and the port numbers to use the below features?

* Update Status -Type the message& send to 32665 (This is when you update your own status.)
* Add friends -add<>friend name send to 32665
* Messages -Msg <> Name of person <> Message and send to 32665
* Wall Post -You cannot initiate messages from your mobile. You can reply for the incoming Wall post. The incoming SMS has instructions given in it.
* Poke-This function is currently unavailable

6.What would be the cost per message?

Rs 1+ Tax

7.When someone comments on my Face book status on line do I get a mobile alert?


8.Can I reply Via Mobile?


9.Do I get charged for the SMS alerts that I receive to my phone?

10.When I reply via SMS does it get updated on Line


11.How do I deactivate this service
Type “STOP” and send to 32665

12.Can a customer register through the FB website & receive alerts to the mobile(Airtel no’s)?
Yes,The service will be available from 16thFeb 2010

Source http://airtellanka.co.cc/