Easy way to install Sinhala on your Samsung Galaxy

We had quite a few inquiries asking how an Android handsets, specially Samsung Galaxy range, can be enabled to read Sinhala. I have done it the hard way, I mean rooting the phone etc, but most of them din wanna go to that extend. So I promised I’ll search for a easy way. And here I found it 🙂

And this is how you do it!

First of all you go to SETTINGS > APPLICATIONS and make sure “UNKNOWN SOURCES” is checked. And then go to Android Market from your phone and search for “fontomizer” It should be listed on the top of your search result,  Fontomizer SP (Font for Galaxy) by bottobuche. Install!

How2Install-Sinhala-00 How2Install-Sinhala-01

Now open the application and tap on the screen to go to font list. Browse down the list and tap on ‘S’ and  then on ‘Sinhala Fonts’, which will take you to the list of available Sinhala fonts, actually there’s only two available. Select one of them. I selected ‘WIKI ANDROID BOLT’

How2Install-Sinhala-03 How2Install-Sinhala-04 How2Install-Sinhala-05 How2Install-Sinhala-06

Once you select a font, it will download that particular font apk. Just drag down your ‘Notification Bar’ and tap on the downloaded apk, and follow the screen prompts.

How2Install-Sinhala-07 How2Install-Sinhala-08 How2Install-Sinhala-09

Once installed, go to SETTINGS > DISPLAY > FONT STYLE and select the font which you downloaded, in my case it is WIKI_ANDROID_BOLT.

How2Install-Sinhala-10 How2Install-Sinhala-11 How2Install-Sinhala-12 How2Install-Sinhala-13

That’s it, now go and check if Tweets in Sinhala are readable. It is for me 🙂


P.S. Some Carrier doesn’t allow side downloaded application (non-market apps). In that case you should root your device to use this utility.

Let us know if you come across any issues, we might be able to sort it out for you 😉


  1. tried this app on my Huawei X3 sometime back.. din work…

    if ur fone is rooted, jst add the font into da system fonts folder in ur fone n u shud b able to view languages of that font.. tamil, sinhala or n e unicode languages… use unicode font for it to work..

  2. didnt work on my SGS3..is there a way that ican make my phone able to read sinhala articles on the web..

    1. I thought the S3 supported Sinhala out of the box… coz I was able to read sinhala tweets on the Android Twitter app… I din check via the web browser though. There’s one easy option, install Opera it supports.