E75 vs E71 – Which Smartphone Should You Buy?

I had the opportunity to lay my hands on an E71 while having the E75 with me. So I did some comparison between those two. It seems both the handsets are almost similar in functionality. for example both has this duel mode switching (Business & Personal), the voice aid feature which can read certain things to you, read your messages, read out numbers as you dial them. I use to wonder if it was unique to the E75, later on I found out it is there on the E71 as well in some other Nokia phones. Since both E75 and the E71 phones are targeted towards business users. Nokia has included VPN software also PTT (push to talk), SIP (voip), Instant messaging software on both the devices. You also get a version of QuickOffice that allows you to create office documents such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint where as on Nseries you only get a version that lets you view documents.

Physical appearance wise there’s huge difference as we can see. E75 is a side slider and the E71 is a monoblock. E75 is a lot narrower than the E71. Thickness wise, E71 is a winner. I feel E71 is much more pocketable in your shirt pocket than the E75. Maybe because its 12g lighter that the E75.

Technically, the E75 runs on Symbian OS v9.3 and the E71 on an older version of the Symbian OS, that is v9.2. Platform wise both on the same S60 3rd Edition. E75 is making use of Feature Pack 2 while E71 is on Feature Pack 1. The difference between the two FP’s is that FP2 boast features like advance power management, nice menu transition effects and the clock on every screen.

Web browser, both seems to have the same OSS browser.

Multimedia wise the E75 is one step ahead, even though both sports 3.2 Mega pixel CMOS sensor and 2048 x 1536 camera resolution. Why? Because the E75 has 640 x 480 video recording resolution with a frame rate of 30fps in comparison to the E71’s 320 x 240 with a 15fps. Also the E75 supports AAC audio recording where as the E71 supports AMR audio format, plus the E75 has a dedicated camera button on the side. To take a picture with E71, you need to use the D-pad.

In terms of Memory, E71 boast a much higher memory capacity than the E75. I wonder why Nokia decided to have only 50MB of internal storage on the E75 while the E71 has a storage capacity of 110MB. On the other hand E75 has a hot swapable Micro SD card slot which supports up to 16GB compared to the E71’s 8GB. Processor wise both has the same single ARM 11 type CPU with a clock rate of 369 MHz.

Talking about connectivity, the E75 comes with the standard 3.5mm AV jack, while E71 has the 2.5mm headset jack. The E71 has the Infrared connectivity, but I doubt people use that feature anymore. Except for these all the other connectivity features are kind of identical.

Coming to power management, upto 12 days standby time for E75 and 17 days for E71. That is mainly because the E71 has a powerful battery – 1500 mAh, E75 has a 1000 mAh.

A few of other extra features I see on the E75 which I think has an advantage over the E71 is, Accelerometer Sensor, Firmware Over The Air (FOTA), Stereo FM RDS Radio, USB Charging, N-Gage application support.

I don’t have any complaints about the keyboard layout of both the devices. Except it’s easier for me to use the E71 keyboard with one hand.


  1. Nice write up and review Shazly. I'm loving my Nokia E75 test unit. I wouldn't mind keeping it these days. It's a perfect fit for me and I even find myself using my iPhone less and less. Once the eye candy wears off, the E75 made me realize that other phones really can be just as good if not better than the iPhone.

    My friends touch my E75 a lot more than my iPhone for narcissistic reasons. Nothing beats a phone with a very nice camera!

  2. How is the browsing experiance on the E75? Is the screen too small for regular use?
    I am actually wondering about the 5730 which should be about the same.

    1. Browsing experience, nothing to complain, nice pleasant experience. E75 has a 2.4 inches screen, same as the 5730 XpressMusic. Basically both the handsets sport somewhat similar hardware configuration. It depends on your personality, when choosing between these two, that's my personal opinion… If ya a social kind of person you should go for the 5730, cos it has It features the new Homescreen for XpressMusic, providing direct access to music, N-Gage and other applications, like Facebook, Photos, Ovi Contacts, Maps, messaging and more. I like the contact bar feature, where you can list up to 20 friends and family members on 5730’s home screen and see which friends are online, chat and even view what music they are listening to.

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  3. I was amazed with nokia e71 but now nokia e75 is in market If i have to had a latest e series in my possession which one do you suggest ! I need more office work like PDA. Now I m using O2 Xda II, Blackberry pearl flip and nokia E 51.

    Pl help me to choose 1

    1. In my opinion both Nokia E71 and the E75 are similar when it comes to office work. if I were you, I would definitely go for the E75, coz I kind of like the spacious keyboard of the E75 plus form factor.

      However, if you can wait till end of this year, there'll be another good option for you, guess um making your life harder ;D coz there's a rumor (but of course from a reliable source) that Nokia is coming up with E71i sporting a 5MP cam.

  4. I was taken aback when i laid my eyes on the E71 and immediately replaced my E61i. And after seeing the E75 the same feeling crawled back. Maybe it was the handsome slide or rather it was. However what i'd like to ask you is whether its worth switching to the 75 from the 71. I dont see much difference on the functionality with my use. i believe the only major difference is the camera which has become a frequent use for me.
    The E75 seems more practical maybe due to its sleekness but im worried bout its durability of its slide.
    Please suggest if overall its better than the 71?

  5. I'm a long time Apple Power User. I was reluctant to get an iPhone when it came out but got one as a present. I loved it and became addicted until it fell and the screen went to hell. I had to fall back to my ol' Sony Ericsson w 610 and found that the iPhone wasn't really that big a deal. Now I'm getting a new phone and wonder if the e75 is good option against the Iphone 3Gs. My main concern is compatibility with all the digital content I have from the iTunes Music Store.

    1. I believe your primary concern is music, if so, I would recommend you to go for the 5800 Music Xpress. However if you can spend a bit more cash, go for the N97 – 3.5 inches touchscreen; 3.5mm audio jack; 32 GB storage, 128 MB RAM; 5 MP Carl Zeiss optics ([email protected]) Video Recording – its a nice experience, and you gonna love it.

  6. hey! i was going to buy E71 but after reading this blog.em confused 🙁
    I like E series altho i have nothing to do with adobe n office. My requirment is good keypad and good camera. suggest me…