Drop Your Old Phones & Batteries HERE!

I was at Dialog Future Centre at Duplication Road to get a refund of my call deposit. A token was issued, no vacant seats, so I was just loafing here and there until my token number displayed on the big LCD screen. While doing this I came across this ballet box kind of a thing which said “DROP YOUR OLD PHONES & BATTERIES HERE” later found it is called a M-Waste Collection Box. I took a photograph of it with my N82 and here it is…

M-Waste Collection Box

According to the Dialog’s Corporate Responsibility (CR) team the project is conceptualised with three main objectives. These were

  • To create awareness in consumers to return used handsets and batteries and thereby reduce the number of handsets and accessories (M-waste) reaching landfill sites by 10% (Collecting at least 25,000 M-waste units by end of 2008)
  • To Develop a dynamic take-back channel using Dialog’s established channel network and dispose of stockpiles responsibly, to selected recycling plants outside Sri Lanka, thereby eliminating hazardous waste contamination.
  • To operate a proactive and sustainable handset take-back programme at no cost to the customer supported by a robust communications campaign from 2007 to 2010

The Project was launched on the 6th of December 2007 as M-Waste Management Program.  With a Central Environment Authority approved M-Waste storage unit in Piliyandala, Dialog became the only organisation in Sri Lanka to have such a license for M-waste operations.

How can we contribute to this good cause?

It’s simple, if you have mobile phones and accessories which you want to get rid of. Visit one of the Dialog Arcades and place the M-waste item in the container (M-waste box) after placing it in a special envelope. The M-waste collection from the arcades will be then brought to the storage unit and separated, counted and safely deposited till it is transported to the foreign client.

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