Call Me SMS From Dialog

You try to make that all important call and find out your outgoing is barred or you are on low credit. What can you do? Send a free Call-Me-SMS from your Prepaid or Postpaid Dialog connection.

Its easy, no need to pre-register, no rentals, you can get started right away by dialing #356*NumberYouWishToRequestCallFrom# and press the send key. For example #356*0777005003# Or you can dial #356# and press send, and then browse through the detailed menu where you can block certain people from sending you Call-Me-SMS requests.

You cannot send request to other networks. Saudi Telecom’s Al-Jawal had this same service by the name, Please-Call-Me and they allowed to send call me back request to other local networks. Which is awsome. And I thing Dialog should allow to send request to other networks as well, then it will truely be a awsome service. Al-Jawal restrict to 3 request per day, where as Dialog is giving you 20 Call-Me-SMS per week. Yes, when we do our maths its comes to the same amount of request per day. But I have a point there? Did you guess it?