Become An S60 Ambassador And Deck Yourself Some Free Goodies

A few of you might know that I’ve recently joined the Nokia S60 Ambassador program. I’ve been toiling away in front of my laptop blogging. And this morning I received a parcel from  Nokia Inc, 5 Wayside Road in Burlington. I was suprised, at first thought if it was a mobile phone, but it ain’t. But it was some really cool marketing swag from S60 Ambassador program for joining the program.

Lets take a look at what I have received:

A Nice “An Evening With S60” high quality T’shirt, Couple of cool S60 stickers, a jotting pad and a quality uni-ball pen, a 4 port USB hub and a 512MB flash card which you can carry on your purse with all important data.

You too can become a member, go here and register yourself.

And what do you have to do as an S60 Ambassador? It’s pretty simple, really. You just have to talk about S60 with your friends and family about what’s happening in the world of S60. Of course you don’t just have to sing the praises of S60.

So go get started!


  1. Thanks, Shazly, for writing about us. We are glad you like our swag. 🙂

    Keep up the good work! Glad you enjoyed the n-gage campaign.