Shazly Makeen

The Truth About the Killer Phone Numbers

I’m sure you would have received the following text message (SMS), or your loved ones would have called you to warn, not to answer calls dispplayed in red. Don’t attend any calls from 7888308001, 9316048121, 9876266211, 9888854137, 9876715587 these numbers come in red colors. U may get brain hamrage due to high frequency. 27 persons died […]

Introducing Nokia N8

The N8 is a powerful combination of internet, video, photos and music with Symbian^3 platform. Sports a 3.5″ OLED capacitive touch screen supporting pinch to zoom on browser, photos and email. The screen resolution reads as 360 x 640 with a 24bit colour depth. Inorder to create a robust, one-piece device