Asphalt 4: Elite Racing Goes Multiplayer on N-Gage!

Gameloft’s best-selling racing franchise Asphalt is back on N-Gage, and this time it packs an exclusive real-time Bluetooth multiplayer mode. Which mean you can play with your friend, as long as you both have it. You can race through the streets of Monte Carlo, New York, Paris, Dubai and more, in some of the hottest dream cars ever built.

You get 28 real-life luxury cars and bikes to choose from (three times more than any other racing game on mobile) starting from Mini Cooper to Bugatti Veyron, including 4 motor bikes, those are Ducati – hmm! unknown model in Sri Lanka, you get two Kawasaki’s. Um lucky, they have included two of my favourite cars, thats Ford Mustang and Nissan Skyline GTR. Of course I have to earn $80,000 to unlock the Skyline and $350,000 to select the Mustang. You  can live a petrolhead’s dream, throwing millions around to improve and fine tune your cars’ performance in your own private garage.

All rides have improved handling, including a new drift engine for sharper corner control. Bends are taken faster than ever before as players battle to outmaneuver other urban racers in single player mode, or challenge their friends to high adrenaline street races in multiplayer mode – for the first time on your mobile phone on N-Gage. The race is on.

Asphalt 4: Elite Racing is now available in the Showroom in the N-Gage application, and it will cost you Rs.908.82 (LKR) exactly. Wonder how? coz I paid thru my credit card and that’s how much my bank has charged me.  On the Web shortly, it will be available shortly.