5 Technologies That Will Drive the Future of Internet

The internet is simply a few decades old phenomenon, but the way it has expanded in the limited span of time duration is incredible. It has evolved from simple networks to a global entity. Now you could see the web serving as a useful platform for communication, business, education and entertainment. Every other day, you have certain new development seen in this world. So, the future of internet is simply beyond ones imagination, yet we could enlist a couple of technologies which will drive the future of internet. Five of these are discussed below:


  1. NFC technology

    NFC or the near field communications is basically a short range technology, which helps the cell phone users to implement easy transaction like online shopping and data exchange that is possible through waving the handsets or simply touching the receiver. Though this technology is currently available, yet seems to be underutilized with limited number of applications available in the market. However, as per the experts, NFC would be among the leading technologies, which will drive the future of internet in terms of mobile couponing, mobile ticketing while controlling the accessibility to vehicles and offices

  2. M2M communication technology

    As per Richard Hills from Applied Minds, the technology behind Machine to Machine or M2M communications is supposed to drive the Internet in the coming times. Once the entire infrastructure in the world will adopt internet to carry out day to day business operations, M2M technology will ultimately finds its place in the world. M2M communications deals with technologies, which enables the equipments, devices, or machines to communicate with different people. This technology is used somewhere in a varying level. For instance, it is used in line vehicles, wherein the computer system of vehicles communicates the engine the way to operate under specific conditions. Also, these are used in home appliances, where it is connected with appliances to help people in their kitchen requirements. However, in the coming future, this technology is going to become a backbone of the wireless broadband bandwidth thus making these services easily accessible and inexpensive.

  3. Cloud technology

    In the coming future, Cloud technology is going to drive the internet to a great extent. Using this technology, you could access and share a number of software applications all across the web landscape. Since its advent, all the major companies especially in the developed nations have been associating themselves to clouds. Though cloud seems to be popular among bigger corporations, yet it happens to be an empty puffery. However, in the coming times, with more enhancements in this technology, it will be among the leading technologies, which will drive the future of Internet.

  4.  the 3D Television

    Of late, 3D movies are becoming popular in entertainment industry. However, as per experts this technology is likely to shift over the consumer television sets and in their personal computing. Though the prototypes are available in the market, but the real model is still to hit the world. As per the experts, this technology, will certainly going to drive the future of internet and change the way you enjoy culture and travel. It is certainly going to impact over the things like remote medicine and distance services.

  5. Mobile videos

    The mobile internet is now the major focus in the cellular landscape which is seen existing in a number of developed nations. With technologies like 3G, 4G, Edge, WiMax, etc. the web will a new definition and meaning. Now, you could see an increasing demand for better bandwidth and high class transmission speeds. This demand will play an important role in creating an enhanced level mobile video technology over cell phone platforms using high end internet speed.

Final word
Internet though started in a meager fashion but in a little amount of time, it was seen scaling new heights. With the above five technologies, the web would have a new definition. Thus it will play a vital role in improving your lifestyle and standards of living both at the professional and personal level. Just wait and watch!


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